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Terms of Use

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The services and data they utilize, unless otherwise described, are the property of the Chamber and are available to users of the site strictly for personal use. Their use for commercial purposes is prohibited unless there is a written permission of the Chamber.

In addition, you may not, without written permission:

  • 1. Distribute the contents of the site.
  • 2. Create a Database with systematic access to the system
  • 3. Use individual data unless the source is stated to be the Chamber.

The portal is not responsible for the content of external sites accessed by its links to them.

Security policy

Cookies usage
The portal uses cookies for the following reasons:

  • 1. To save the user preferences regarding the offered content and services
  • 2. Optimize site usage (user experience)

The use of cookies by the site does not endanger sensitive user data.

Collection of personal data
When registering on the site in order to use the services, some personal data such as name, contact details, etc. are stored in the system. This data is used only for the more efficient use of the services and the electronic sending of information from the portal, as long as the user has stated it in his preferences. The portal is committed to the safe retention of this information and their non-use for purposes other than those served by the services it offers.

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